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Kép előnézete49th IAH Congress – Call for abstracts

The 49th IAH Congress in Wuhan will be online from 18-23 September 2022. The abstract submission deadline is 30 June 2022.
We kindly invite you to submit an abstract to the following session:
Topic #14 Regional Groundwater Systems and Transboundary Aquifers

This session focuses on new and inspiring practices related to groundwater at a larger (basin to supra-basin) level. Calculation of regional groundwater flow, advances in GIS-methods are some of the sub-topics considered along with raising awareness and better understanding. Transboundary aquifers are mapped all around the world. Cross-border political, socioeconomic and environmental differences create an extra dimension to take into account when trying to preserve the groundwater source in a sustainable way. The integration of these two topics, will consider the experiences, new insights, and future projects in the management, monitoring, and zoning of transboundary aquifers by means of groundwater-flow systems, as an inspiration to those dealing with transboundary groundwater.

Find out more details of the abstract submission here:
This session will be supported by the Transboundary Aquifer Commission and the Regional Groundwater Flow Commission of IAH.
Moreover, the Discover Water journal (Editor-in-chief: Jim LaMoreaux, will launch a topical collection of papers on the topic of the Transboundary Aquifers (Editors: Judit Mádl-Szőnyi, Shammy Puri). The abstract authors of the session will be invited to submit a research paper on transboundary aquifers and regional groundwater flow.

Special Issue “From Groundwater Flow Understanding to Sustainable Water Management”

Strategic management of water resources is the key to a sustainable environment and future economic development. This requires knowledge of gravitational groundwater flow systems from the local to regional and basin scales. This Special Issue aims to analyze topics connected to physicochemical processes of groundwater flow systems and their economic resources, geogenic and anthropogenic contamination and hazards of fluids, fluid–rock interactions in deep and shallow flow systems, vulnerability and management of aquifer recharge, water-based heat utilization in the light of climate change, and also legislative frameworks toward sustainable development goals.

Original research articles, theoretical, field, experimental, and numerical studies, and comprehensive review papers in the field of hydrogeology and geochemistry focusing on defining groundwater flow and preventing, controlling, and mitigating negative environmental impacts (quality and quantity) related to groundwater, including those in developing countries, are welcome.

This Special Issue brings together manuscripts from different fields of groundwater studies with the common aspect of understanding regional groundwater flow systems for improved water management. The Special Issue is initiated by the Regional Groundwater Flow Commission of IAH and the ENeRAG H2020 project and is connected to the International Symposium on Geofluids held in July 2021.

Guest editors:

Prof. Dr. Judit Mádl-Szőnyi
Prof. Dr. Marco Masetti
Dr. Hanneke Verweij
Dr. Ádám Tóth
Dr. Brigitta Czauner
Prof. Dr. John Molson

Table of content:
Dalla Libera, N.; Pedretti, D.; Casiraghi, G.; Markó, Á.; Piccinini, L.; Fabbri, P. Probability of Non-Exceedance of Arsenic Concentration in Groundwater Estimated Using Stochastic Multicomponent Reactive Transport Modeling. Water 2021, 13(21), 3086;, A.; Calderhead, A.I. Glacial Melt in the Canadian Rockies and Potential Effects on Groundwater in the Plains Region. Water 2022, 14(5), 733;ák, P.; Hegedűs-Csondor, K.; Tiljander, M.; Korkka-Niemi, K.; Surbeck, H.; Izsák, B.; Vargha, M.; Horváth, Á.; Pándics, T.; Erőss, A. Integration of a Shallow Soda Lake into the Groundwater Flow System by UsingHydraulic Evaluation and Environmental Tracers. Water 2022, 14(6), 951;éri-Takács, J.; Rostron, B.J.; Mendoza, C.; Mádl-Szőnyi, J. Hydrogeochemical Characteristics Refine the Conceptual Model of Groundwater Flow in Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada. Water 2022, 14(6), 965;, B.; Molnár, F.; Masetti, M.; Arola, T.; Mádl-Szőnyi, J. Groundwater Flow System-Based Dynamic System Approach for Geofluids and Their Resources. Water 2022, 14(7), 1015;, H.; Xu, X.; Yang, J. Effect of Fault Extension Relevant to Unconformity on Hydrothermal Fluid Flow, Mass Transport, and Uranium Deposition. Water 2022, 14(7), 1097; Guerrero, M.A. Numerical Analysis of the Groundwater Flow System and Heat Transport for Sustainable Water Management in a Regional Semi-Arid Basin in Central Mexico. Water 2022, 14(9), 1377; Guerrero, M.A. Correction: Ortega Guerrero, M.A. Numerical Analysis of the Groundwater Flow System and Heat Transport for Sustainable Water Management in a Regional Semi-Arid Basin in Central Mexico. Water 2022, 14(11), 1797;
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Geofluids blog was launched

The ENeRAG H2020 project in the cooperation of the József and Erzsébet Tóth Endowed Hydrogeology Chair and the RGFC-IAH launched a geofluids blog named “Groundwater, Geoenergy, Hydrothermal minerals” at

This scientific blog intends to inform those who are interested in underground fluids including groundwater, thermal water, hydrothermal mineral resources, geothermal energy, hydrocarbons and their interrelationships. Stay tuned by being a follower of the blog.

Our target audiences are colleagues and hydrogeological professionals, but the blog also provides useful information for high school students and their teachers. University students, as well as representatives of related disciplines, such as geography, meteorology, hydrology, water management, ecology, soil science, geothermal energy, hydrocarbon geology and agriculture, are also welcome among our readers! The blog can be distributed, the link can be forwarded, as our mission is to disseminate the science!

ResearchGate project for RGF-related papers

The Commission launched a ResearchGate project entitled Selection of papers related to Regional Groundwater Flow. This project was created and is managed by the Regional Groundwater Flow Commission of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (RGFC-IAH) in cooperation with the József & Erzsébet Tóth Endowed Hydrogeology Chair. This project is a selection of international papers related to the research and practical application of regional groundwater flow theory.
You can access the project by clicking on the logo.
If you are interested and would like to be involved, please let us know. After joining, you can add your flow system-related papers, books, etc. to the project to have a nice selection of this topic.